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By providing resources to those who do not have reliable access to affordable and nutritious food, your gift helps combat food insecurity and nourishes the NDSU community. Your generosity helps ensure no member of the NDSU community is left to navigate the challenges of food insecurity alone.

Thank you again for supporting NDSU students through the Food Security Fund!

Food Pantry Coordinator | Goods for the Herd

More Than a Meal

$4,100 raised from 34 gifts

Food Security Fund

If you missed the More than a Meal virtual program, you can watch it now.

Hunger impacts students' grades along with their mental and physical health. Your gift to the Food Security Fund provides support to NDSU students who are experiencing hunger due to food insecurity, a lack of access to affordable nutritious food. The Food Security Fund includes two initiatives: Swipe Out Hunger, a national program designed for students experiencing temporary food shortages, and Goods for the Herd, NDSU's campus food pantry. With the financial effects of the pandemic felt across many lives, it is increasingly important to have this resource available on our campus.

Since establishing Swipe Out Hunger and Goods for the Herd, we have heard many stories from students about the challenges they face financially. Often, students skip meals or buy cheaper foods to stay full. The food pantry has had more than 100 visits since its opening in Feb. 2021. Nearly 78% of visitors reported part-time employment, and more than 50% of visitors reported graduate student status.

Your gift gives NDSU students access to affordable and nutritious food, helping them achieve their best in the classroom and beyond.